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    Cary Grant is making you breakfast.

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  2. © Robert Doisneau, Au café "Chez Fraisse", Rue de Seine – Paris 1958
    © Robert Doisneau, 1950
    © Ed Van Der Elsken, Tokyo, 1984
    © Garry Winogrand La Guardia Airport, New York, 1968
    © Alfa Castaldi, Bar Jamaica di Milano, 1953-1955
    © Willy Ronis Nightclub Paris 1952
    © Paul Almásy, Couple dans un bar Parisien, 1960

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    From the script for "Fight the Future: 

    INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE MULDER'S APARTMENT - NIGHT WIDE ANGLE FROM END OF HALL where we see Scully, leaving Mulder's apartment. Moving at a hurried clip to the elevator -- TOWARD CAMERA. As if anticipating her own impulse to turn around and go back. As she moves into f.g. Mulder exits his apt. door. MULDER You're wrong -- He hurries to catch her. As she turns on him. SCULLY Why was I assigned to you? To debunk your work. To reign you in. To shut you down. MULDER You saved me, Scully. (off her look) As different and frustrating as it's been sometimes, your goddamn strict rationalism and science have saved me a thousand times; have kept me honest and made me whole. I owe you so much, Scully, and you owe me nothing. (beat) I don't want to do this without you. I don't know if I can. If I quit now, they win. She is silent, moved. In spite of all her desire not to be. She moves to Mulder, holds him. They break slightly and she looks up at Mulder with deep respect, admiration and... kisses him on the forehead. When... ...suddenly a physical intimacy we've never seen. A heat and passion that can't be denied. The opportunity for the inevitable has presented itself. The moment of truth has arrived. Mulder is staring at Scully as she's looking back at him. His head moves slightly toward hers -- as one of his hands moves up to her neck, drawing her to him. Where there is hesitation on her part, there is also desire. When: SCULLY OUCH!!!
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    Gillian hotness

  7. "so, okay, hello random fucking british woman"
    "oh my fucking god mulder srsly?"

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    In case you didn’t know, or plumb forgot.

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    The X Files + Emojis

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